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Oferta dotyczy wózka dla lalek FALBANKĄ z imieniem dziecka i 2 dekorami.

Średni czas produkcji to jedynie 3 dni robocze.

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Wyjątkowy wózek dla lalek drewniany Wspomnienie Dzieciństwa dla wyjątkowego Dziecka

Wyprodukowany ręcznie w naszej Rodzinnej Stolarni w Polsce tylko w oparciu o...

Wooden doll pram with name

A wooden doll stroller is one of the most popular toys chosen as a birthday gift for a one-year-old girl. A doll stroller is a timeless toy that has been enjoyed by little girls for generations. Through imitation, every little girl can feel like the perfect mom to her dolls and stuffed animals, taking them on walks. This kind of play develops empathy, stimulates imagination and creativity, teaches proper social behavior, and fosters independence.

Our wooden doll strollers are not only toys but also serve as walkers and push toys, helping children learn to balance and take their first steps. Original doll strollers from Montownia Zabawek are recommended by experts for children from 12 months of age. The appropriate weight of the stroller ensures its stability, and with optional supports, children can safely lean on it.

High-quality wooden doll strollers made in Poland

Our handcrafted wooden doll strollers are 100% made in Poland from the highest quality wood. Every element of the stroller is refined and thoroughly checked for safety and usability for children. The highest quality dedicated paints we use to hand-paint wooden strollers are fully tested, ecological, and recommended by the Polish Society of Allergology. They provide beautiful, vibrant colors and provide a durable finish to the toy. Rubber "tires" on the wheels of each stroller provide additional protection against floor scratches and ensure an incredibly quiet playtime.

Our doll strollers meet the strict European safety standard for toys EN-71.

Durability and personalization of doll strollers to suit children's needs A wooden doll stroller can serve us in good condition for many years or even generations. The wheels are placed on sturdy axles, significantly increasing the stroller's durability and resistance during use. They also have a detachable, adjustable handle that can be attached in many positions and heights. This way, the stroller grows with the child and can be used by both infants and children in the late preschool age.

A personalized toy is always a unique gift, created specifically for a particular person. Thousands of our satisfied customers confirm that our strollers reign among first birthday gifts and delight both children and adults. They often become the centerpiece of birthday photo shoots. They stay in memory and in pictures passed down from generation to generation. Before shipment, each toy undergoes detailed control through 30 checkpoints to ensure joy in its use and durability for years.